Arthrex ACP® Double Syringe

Safe and Simple Preparation of Platelet-Rich Plasma Without Anticoagulant

  • Double syringe – closed system, made in Germany

  • Intuitive preparation – fast, safe and easy

  • Autologous – no anticoagulants, no separation gel

  • Minimal injection pain1

  • Optimized composition2, 3 – rich in fibrinogen
    2.5-fold platelet concentration, independently verified4, 5

  • Natural treatment – uses body’s own regeneration1

  • Demonstrated clinical efficiancy
    (> 100 studies / FDA-sanctioned level-1 study)6

Safe, and Reliable

Ready Within Minutes, Without the Use of Anticoagulants and Synthetic Separating Materials

PRP aspiration


Blood collection

Arthrex Personalized Cell Therapy

Fast, Well Tolerated, Using Only the Body's Own Substances

Acknowledged and Effective

Arthrex Personalized Cell Therapy is a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) procedure that harnesses the body’s own healing and regeneration processes. Treatment with PRP is a biological method, the effectiveness of which has been proved in various studies. PRP is widely used in aesthetic medicine, dermatology, and plastic surgery.

The Arthrex ACP Double Syringe System is the world's leading medical device for preparation of PRP. Innovative PRP systems from Arthrex enable easy production of proven, effective PRPs and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) gels without having to compromise on safety and quality:

  • Highly effective – a PRP tailored to the indication

  • High level of safety – closed and needle-free systems to prevent infections and needlestick injuries

  • Easy to use – intuitive / automated processes to prevent incorrect use

  • High quality and reliable – established systems from a market-leading company

1. Personalized
From One's Own Body

Out of 15 cc body's own blood, 5 to 6 cc of PRP is prepared using the Arthrex ACP Double Syringe.

2. Cell Therapy

The PRP is injected at the treatment site (e.g., face and hairline) to stimulate the body's own regeneration processes.